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Professional TCI Training Program

The Language Banc holds 40-hour TCI Training classes on regular basis.

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Don’t miss an opportunity to improve your skills by attending The Community Interpreter Training (TCI Training) class. This is an intensive 40-hour, six-day course designed to prepare interpreters for the rigors and nuances of the profession. The Language Banc is committed to supporting our interpreters to improve their skills as linguists.

It is a growing national trend to require interpreters to have completed a
minimum approved 40-hour training program in interpreting. Ensure you are qualified to work with organizations of your choice by participating in this training.

The Community Interpreter® is the only national program for community interpreting presented by licensed trainers across the U.S.

​If you want to become a community interpreter, come and attend the most respected program for community interpreting in the U.S. Whether you are a bilingual employee, a contract interpreter or someone starting out, you may need a training certificate to interpret. A 40-hour training certificate is now the minimum requirement in the field.

​Training is vital for interpreters. Without it, you can make errors that lead to mistakes, misunderstandings, lost benefits or poor outcomes. Untrained interpreters may even put lives in danger.

​The Community Interpreter® is the first and only national 40- hour certificate program for community interpreting in the U.S. This course covers ethics and conduct, basic skills (from pre-session to post-session), positioning, terminology, modes of interpreting, steps for sight translation, intervention strategies, cultural mediation, and other vital skills and protocols.

Role plays, activities and group exercises give you hands-on experience. Video segments offer demonstrations, and the program comes with the most comprehensive training manual in the field. The program concludes with a two-hour written assessment on the last day of training. It offers three levels of certificates for successful candidates:

​Level 1: Qualified Interpreter
Level 2: Professionally Trained Interpreter
Level 3: Hospitality Interpreter

​Your certificate for The Community Interpreter® is recognized across the U.S.

Cross-cultural Training and Education

Knowing the language of your clients is just one part of truly understanding them.  You must understand their culture.

What is culture?  Culture is a set of unique characteristics of a group of people that are defined by their traditions, customs, language, and beliefs.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), culture is a determinant of health.  Therefore, it is important for health care providers to understand the culture of their patients in order to provide optimal care.

Businesses marketing to a particular community must first understand its culture.  Literal translations of their advertising material can result in unsuccessful, if not humorous, marketing campaigns.

The Language Banc offers cross-cultural seminars and programs to inform various organizations to better understand and interact with different cultures within their communities.

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