Right Interpreter Makes a Difference

When you are looking for interpreters for healthcare, a trained professional is always your best choice.

It’s tempting to rely on family or a friend to do interpretation in a pinch. That will work for a family dinner party but when it comes to healthcare, it’s crucial to use a professionally trained interpreter.

At The Language Banc, our interpreters have specialized training to help them deal with situations that come up in healthcare settings. We require our interpreters to complete a minimum of a 40-hr training session to be listed on our roster. We’re so committed to training that The Language Banc has two licensed Trainers on staff to conduct 40-hr training on a monthly basis for all of our interpreters.The Right Interpreter Makes a Difference

When you work with The Langauage Banc, you work with a well-trained professional interpreter.

We invest so heavily in training our interpreters so you and your patients will enjoy greater accuracy and consistency in the communication with patients. That will lead to better outcomes for everyone.

As part of the training, our interpreters pledge to adhere to a code of professional ethics set forth by The National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC). This code addresses important issues such as confidentiality, respect, impartiality, accuracy and role boundaries.

What is in the 40 hours of training?

The Language Banc delivers THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® International Edition training program. It is the only national training program in the U.S. for community interpreters. It’s a program of the highest caliber, always up to date and based on the highest quality content and finest pedagogy in the field.

Why is this training so important?

  • It’s mandatory for a majority of hospitals, clinics and interpreting service users.

  • The 40 hour training gives linguistic experts thoughtful information to use their languages efficiently.

  • Most importantly, this training protects the patient’s safety.

When you work with an interpreter from The Language Banc, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality service and accuracy. This is simply because our interpreters are well trained professionals who love their work.

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