The Language Banc’s Siyad Abdullahi

The Language Banc, Minnesota’s premier translation and interpretation services provider, is proud to announce that founder and CEO Siyad Abdullahi has been appointed to the Minneapolis Workforce Council. As a Minneapolis resident and business owner, Abdullahi is excited to participate in this important council and make a difference.

The Minneapolis Workforce Council drives initiatives to keep Minneapolis workers competitive in an ever changing business landscape. Its goals are the same as ours at The Language Banc – to keep the 800+ translators and interpreters we employ at the top in terms of skills and opportunity

Siyad Abdullahi, founder and CEO of The Language Banc says, “I am very, very proud to serve as a member of The Minneapolis Workforce Council, I’m excited to see how we can make a positive impact and keep Minneapolis’ talent at the forefront of business growth.”

Abdullahi begins his appointment in July 2016 and will serve on the Workforce Council for two years. The Minneapolis Workforce Council is a part of the Community Planning and Economic Development Department in the City of Minneapolis.

The Language Banc’s Siyad Abdullahi is appointed to the Minneapolis Workforce Council

The Language Banc

The Language Banc provides quality interpreting, translation, and interpreter training services.  With over 800 interpreters and translators available 24/7,The Language Banc is able to cover the needs of various industries from medical interpreting to the needs of lawyers and government entities.  To learn more about our services, give us a call at (612) 588-9410.

Minneapolis Workforce Council

The Minneapolis Workforce Council, as originally established by the regulations set forth in the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) and re-established by the regulations of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), will determine the directions and set policies for training and placement activities aimed at reducing the unemployment of Minneapolis residents and promoting School-To-Work Transition Programs. The Council will oversee the operation of Workforce Centers within the City of Minneapolis.

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