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The Language Banc Sponsors Mural Project to Celebrate Our Community

For over 12 years The Language Banc has been committed to improving and empowering the communities that we serve by providing the highest quality and culturally appropriate interpreting and translation services.

A core value present in the work that we do is “Community”. While the word Community has many definitions, we feel it is best represented by the feeling a person has when they belong to a group and are cared about by others. We know that Community does not have to be defined by skin color, spoken language, or place of birth. Rather, it is defined by the shared goals and efforts of its members to create an environment where all have the same access to health and well-being despite the barriers created by our differences.

To celebrate our commitment to Community and the partnership between our providers, interpreters, and community members, The Language Banc is teaming up with local artists Kelly and Shane Anderson of Anderson Illustrations to create a custom-designed mural representing the word “community” in all of the languages spoken throughout our Community.

Once completed, the mural will travel from clinic to clinic to be put on display until returning to The Language Banc to become a permanent fixture.

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, October 24th to take part in the creation of this incredible piece of art. Kelly and Shane will lay out the mural and our team of providers, interpreters and community members will do the rest! We hope you can join us and be a part of the art.

Date: Wednesday, October 24th

Time: 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Location: Phillips Community Center, 2323 11th Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55404 (Multi-purpose room)




The Language Banc has been providing the highest quality language services in the Twin Cities and nationwide since 2006. The rapidly growing company has been a leader in the interpretation and translation fields since its inception, initially focusing on language services in healthcare settings and now providing nationwide services across all industry, healthcare and governmental sectors.


The Language Banc is committed to supporting the communities we serve through language access, cross-cultural communication, employment and partnering with non-profit groups such as the Minnesota Special Olympics. Learn more about us and the services we provide at


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