The Language Banc organized a gala event last weekend to recognize the hard work our interpreters put in every day of the year to provide the highest quality linguistic service available anywhere.

Attended by over 200 interpreters and staff, the party was held at the Columbia Manor in Minneapolis with a catered buffet, a raffle with many valuable prizes and a keynote speech by The Language Banc CEO Siyad Abdullahi.

“Today is your day,” Dr. Abdullahi said. “It is a recognition by us of your professionalism and diligence and the hard work you put in to make The Language Banc the best language-services agency anywhere.”

“Today is a recognition of all the snowy days when you drive for hours on bad roads to patient appointments,” Dr. Abdullahi continued. “Today is a recognition of all the nights you work on labor and deliveries. Today is a recognition of all the ASAP cases you take, jumping in your car at a moment’s notice to go wherever you are needed. You embody our philosophy of emphasizing patient care, never forgetting that your work is a critical component of an effective healthcare system. We are proud of you and privileged that you choose to work with us. It is wonderful to see you all together in one place because it is a recognition of The Language Banc’s growth and success.”

The event underscored the cultural and linguistic breadth of the services offered by The Language Banc, with interpreters speaking over 50 languages in attendance.

Feedback was positive as interpreters were able to get to know and spend time with colleagues that they usually only see in passing at clinics between appointments. Guests also spent time with interpreters for other languages, learning about the many cultural backgrounds of The Language Banc’s interpreters.

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