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The Language Banc is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but we provide services across the country. We have worked throughout the state, in Wisconsin, Iowa, Arizona and more. Thanks to robust telephonic and web-based tools we can provide services from Minneapolis to Memphis, and beyond. If interpreter services can be provided via a video connection, we can meet your needs anywhere.

About 428,057 foreign-born individuals resided in Minnesota in 2014, accounting for 8 percent of the state population. The most recent data from the Minnesota Department of Education indicate English Learner enrollment represents 8 percent of the total K-12 student population, or 71,481 students.

The growth in the number of residents speaking English as a second language impacts the entire U.S. The population of immigrants and U.S. natives speaking a language other than English at home—which represents about one in five U.S. residents—has nearly tripled since 1980. Ensuring everyone can learn about yours services and products in their native language is more important than ever.

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