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Video, audio or document translation is not just about looking up words in a foreign language dictionary. Anyone can do that. Instead, professional translation services provide precisely correct translations to customers so that communication errors do not occur. Inaccurate or “out of context” translations failing to convey the exact meaning of a document could lead to incomplete business transactions, misunderstandings over court filings or spreading misinformation over social media. Even the slightest translation error may cause a business to lose significant revenue or damage their reputation.

Accurate Translation Services in Miami

Clients of the Language Banc know they can rely on our professional translators to provide accurate translations conveying exactly what original audios, videos or documents intended to communicate in terms of purpose, meaning and ideas. Translators working for our Miami translation company are academically educated translators dedicated to providing customers with rigorously correct translations. Whether your company is involved in the legal, medical, government, military or contractual fields, your company’s long-term success depends on communicating clearly and effectively with your customers. To provide superior translations services in Miami, The Language Banc maintains a staff of over 1000 expert translators to assist our worldwide clients.

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On-site interpretation of over 150 languages is also available. Language Banc translators can travel to anyplace in Miami and its surrounding areas to accommodate clients needing onsite translation services. If you need translation services outside Miami, we offer virtual remote interpreting services when distance is an issue. Teleconferencing with non-English speaking individuals anywhere in the world is possible with VRI technology.

Established over 10 years ago, the Language Banc is one of Miami’s leading translation services consistently defined by exceptional customer satisfaction ratings. Our translation company also believes in giving back to the community. We sponsor seminars for health care organizations and providers that offer in-depth knowledge regarding different languages, cultures and the importance of ensuring translations are as accurate as possible.


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We have a team of linguists including medical, schools, legal, manufacturing, and government to serve your all your organization’s language needs: VRI, onsite, and telephonic. We provide translation and interpretation in more than 150 languages, from Acholi to Yoruba and everything in between…

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