Minneapolis, MN, March 24, 2020 – As have so many, we here at The Language Banc and our thousands of dedicated interpreters have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. As we scramble to adjust to our new reality, we decided to pause for a moment to think how we could inspire, to think how we could connect, to think how we could demonstrate our support for our community in these difficult times, in short, to think how we could continue to do what we always do – bring people together.

The attached graphic, which we hope you can post and share, was created by our employees and interpreters, who came together virtually in their free time, during this difficult time, to show what we are all about. It is a demonstration of what we do, of who we are, a reminder that we all stand together even when we are forced to stand apart.

The Language Banc, as so vividly demonstrated by the graphic, is in the business of bringing people together, of helping people communicate, of crossing boundaries to understanding.

During this crisis, as people isolate and socially distance, as anxiety rises and real borders close and free movement halts, the work that we do – bringing people together – is needed more than ever.

The forms of our joining may be different: We have launched an industry-leading video and phone platform and on-boarded our 1,000 interpreters, who speak over 150 languages, to assist any person, anywhere, communicate in real time while keeping this vital local resource engaged and employed when so many are facing layoffs.

Even though we may be physically separated, we are all in this together and can only make it through together. That’s why, despite the obstacles, we are still doing what we do best – bringing people together.

The Language Banc has been providing the highest quality language services in Minnesota and nationwide since 2006. Learn more about us and the services we provide at www.thelanguagebanc.com.