Mission and history

Mission Our mission is to provide the highest quality, effective, and culturally appropriate interpreting and translation services to all organizations that serve clients with Limited English Proficiency.


Who we are The Language Banc was founded in 2006 in response to the growing need for well-trained, professional interpreters in the healthcare industry.  Since then, The Language Banc has expanded its services to all industries—government, legal, business, education, and more.  From the beginning, we have focused on providing excellent customer service and ensuring quality in everything we do.

The Language Banc is committed to improving and empowering the communities that we serve.  Our multicultural staff works with hundreds of interpreters who live and breathe the culture of the people they help and serve.  The Language Banc also sponsors and organizes educational seminars to assist health care providers and other organizations to learn more about the different cultures and communities.


Siyad Abdullahi – President and CEO

The Language Banc President and CEO – Siyad Abdullahi is a physician by training, public health professional and nationally-recognized expert in cultural competency. Siyad is Somali, grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, and came to the U.S. to attend graduate school. He is fluent in Somali, Swahili and English.  Dr. Abdullahi has served on the boards of Axis Medical Center, FairVote Minnesota, the City of Minneapolis Capital Long Range Improvement Committee, City of Minneapolis Public Health Advisory Committee. Dr. Abdullahi is the recipient of the International Immigrant Achievement Award from The International Leadership Institute.

Over 1,000 Interpreters Available 24/7

At The Language Banc, you’ll never have to leave a voicemail; every caller talks to a real person. That’s because your needs are our priority. The Language Banc was formed more than a decade ago response to requests for professionally…

The Language Banc is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but we provide services across the country.
We have worked throughout the state, in Wisconsin, Iowa, Arizona and more. Thanks to robust…

We have a team of linguists including medical, schools, legal, manufacturing, and government to serve your all your organization’s language needs: VRI, onsite, and telephonic. We provide translation and interpretation in more than 150 languages, from Acholi to Yoruba and everything in between…

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    Corporate Memberships

    The Language Banc is dedicated to continuously improving the quality of our language services and supporting linguistic talents around the nation.  We partner with many national programs and associations to advance the translation and interpreting industries, as well as support the immigrant communities we serve.  We are corporate members of the following organizations: